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Karen T - North Carolina, USA

Girthy to Great! These granules are wonderful. My horse eats them with no problems. My horse is a 23 yr old OTTB that tends to get girthy and tense from time to time. I treat him with 1 pack a day for a couple weeks and his symptoms are gone

Anna W – Texas, USA

A+ Product and Customer Service. My TB suffered from SEVERE ulcers. After his first bout, I spent about $3000 on a week at the vet and a month worth of "Branded Product". He was skin and bones and the bills just about killed my bank account. Soon after, I found Abler. Not only is Abgard LESS than half the price, it is just as, if not more, effective. It is great to have a quality, affordable product to keep my horse healthy and my bank account happy! The free standard shipping is great as well, since I am in the US, shipping can get a little pricey. And even the rush shipping is reasonable. The customer service is fabulous. I ALWAYS receive a call to make sure my order came in on time. And the reps are very helpful. I will keep using Abgard, and I am now trying the Abprazole on my horse! THANK YOU!

April W -Tenessee USA

Im SOOOOO happy we found this product! My horse has had ulcers for years. They flare up off an on but I couldn't ever find something that I could afford to keep him on all the time that WORKED. Until I found this site. My vet was VERY skeptical and told me he wouldn't even both with stuff like this because it typically didn't work. But Abprazole Plus has made a believer out of both of us! Dusty was so sick a few months back that I was considering my options for him. He was laying in the field refusing to eat. But enough omeprazole turned him around. He wasn't crazy about the pills so I ordered this packets to see how he felt about them and he doesn't even know they are there. I've kept him on a high does for three months and now have him on a low maintenance dose right now and its been amazing! Just this weekend he was running around the field playing. And for an 18 year old.....we are counting our blessings. :)

Stephanie S -Dillsburg PA USA

Absolutely wonderful Product! I have a 20 y/o TB who is a chronic worrier and he's always been a hard keeper. He would go off his grain every so often and would lose weight in the blink of an eye. After a couple days on the Abprazole, he started licking his bowl clean and by the end of his treatment month he had gained a ton of weight. I have him on a daily preventative dose which seems to be keeping his ulcers at bay. Highly recommend this product!!!.

Robin F Florida USA

Remarkable change with this product!! I have a show gelding (retired) that cribs. I have always believed his cribbing is directly related to ulcers. I have tried every variety of omeprazole under the sun (approved and unapproved) and some of it helps a little bit. I don't know how else to say it but I am SHOCKED at the change this product has made in my gelding. Yes, he still cribs a little bit but only as he's processing his grain. Otherwise, you might not know he's a cribber. His body condition and hair coat are fantastic. He's even sound after being dead lame for over 2 years (and he's barefooted for the first time in 15 years)! Go figure?? I have made no other changes except for this product. I am so grateful and relieved to have found a product that has changed the way this horse will live the rest of his life. Thank you!!!

Cynthia G Massachusetts USA

I've just placed my second order for Abprazole. Why? Because I used it over a year ago and it worked great to clear up my horse's ulcers. After a recent round of Previcox, he's acting ulcery again. The choice was clear - why spend thousands on the brand name product when this works just as well for us? Love the fact that this is offered because it works! I also really like the volume amounts - I buy the 200 pack option, which gives me enough for treatment as well as enough left over to use for preventative doses when we show.

Jeny Westmore - Australia

My horse is a really picky eater so I found the omeprazole granules great because he ate them really well, I just wet the feed a little to help them stick to the feed. I had no problems and huge improvement in his weight and behaviour under saddle

Christine Baker - Usa

Your prompt handling of the order is so appreciated. When I got this horse a few months ago he had serious ulcers and there was no way I could afford omeprazole that is sold in this country. I read an article on ulcers and they recommended your product and it also said it was the real stuff. So I bought some and it has helped my horse greatly but I was low and not thinking I needed more then the accident and aided by butte and we were back to square one ......and you know the rest. Thank you again for the help. Christine.

Sue and Ella UK

"Two and half years a good an old pony called Ella came into my care. She was 23 years old but looked 33 years old. I thought that with good food and worming her condition would improve. 6 months later and she looked no better. Her food intake was huge but if anything she was looking poorer. She then started to get mild colic. The vet was called several times. I pointed out that she should not look in the condition she was for her care and they did bloods, I had already paid for a Cushing test that had come back normal, all the bloods came back fine. The vet actually told me i need to feed her more but having owned horses for 40 years I knew she was on more than a 13h pony should be. Another 6 months passed and Ella looked awful so I put her on your Omeprazole. Within months she was transformed. Her feed has been cut down and I am now having to watch her weight but this time from being overweight! Thank you, she is now a totally transformed pony. Sue and Ella.

Robert L Vars France

"We're ending two months of Abprazole+ treatment today. Revenge seems much more healthy and comfortable. No signs of acidity or ulcer's symptoms. Great ! Thank you and congratulations to Abler.

Deborah F Arizona Usa

"Our barrel and pole horse used to exhibit signs of a gastric ulcer- quivering, pawing at stomach, pacing, not performing well. We began to treat him with the Abprazole. He is a different horse now.

Brenda from Michigan, USA

I have my horse back!

I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten with Omeprazole and would highly recommend it as a great product for healing and preventing ulcers. After stifle surgery and two months of stall rest, my usually calm and sweet gelding turned into a monster. He started biting, rearing, pinning his ears, and swishing his tail. He wouldn't stand still to be groomed or to have farrier work done. He became very difficult and dangerous to handle. He would react to certain pressure points being palpated and started biting at his sides. All these behaviors screamed ulcers to me, so I looked for an affordable solution to relieve his pain and came across Omeprazole. Within a few days my gelding was acting more like his old self. By the second week, I was able to work with him on the ground without him rearing and trying to bite me. He no longer had a negative reaction to the pressure points and would stand calmly to be groomed. I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten with Omeprazole and would highly recommend it as a great product for healing and preventing ulcers.

Robert Hamilton - Douglasville GA

Jake, our rescue horse, has been a challenge as far as feeding. He will not eat consistently. We started Jake on 2 sachets per day. This is day 5 and on day 3 he began "asking" for his food. I just reordered 100 more sachets! Thank you so much.

Marie - Michigan Usa

I recently tried abprazole on my AQHA mare. It is a fabulous product! No more ulcer pain and discomfort. Thank you for keeping our old girl young!!!

Alexandra P- Austria EU

Hello dear Abler team, first of all thank you for your great product. You have saved my horse. I have already ordered three times and the delivery with the last two orders was always prompt. The AbGard syringes which I ordered on the 3rd of december have arrives two weeks ago.

Annette K- Wyoming- Usa

Please send the remainder of the Try Before you Buy Abprazole -order referenced above. My horses don't even notice the little blue dots and finish their feed.

Yvonne S. Hertford UK

It was very good of you to telephone me to discuss my problem, it certainly made a difference. My horse started to improve after just two days using omeprazole granules, he is a much happier horse. Can I ask if the product treats hindgut ulcers as I believe he has these as well

Angela B Marietta GA Usa

Yes, please send my additional 80 sachets of abprazole. it seems to be doing the trick!

Linda R- Cambridge UK

My horse has an ongoing problem and a treating her with Abgard every so often keeps her in top condition, so I do use it on a regular basis.

Rianne S . Netherlands

Hi, Since 3wks i've been using abprozole for my horse, with, obviously ulcers. Not only did it solve the frequent colics but also her sleeping problems (sleep deprivation from unwillingness to ly down) My vet is now convinced it works..

Ericia K- Toledo Ohio Usa

Please ship the remaining 80 sachets ($162.05) of Abprazole. Since my horse has been on it, he has been a pleasure to ride.

Michelle B- MA - Usa

Abler your reasonably priced products have taken such a weight off my shoulders! My 28 year old horse has been off feed for the first time in the 18 years that I've owned them and the vets sell the same meds for $40 a day. I\'m so glad I will be able to keep him on WHAT WORKS and not lose my house!

Carmelo P- Warsaw Poland

Thanks for the re order and sorry for any inconvenience with the wrong card number. After i try Abgard this product i can tell that it works wonder and i'am very satisfied with this product and for sure i am going to Recommend it. It is possible to add with this order Abprazole

Liz M- Cheshire UK

Thank you so much for this .... I look forward to getting the AbActive and trying it with my AbPrazole. I have to say that since my horse was diagnosed with gastric ulcers just before Christmas and has been treated - for the first month weithGC, now ongoing with your AbPrazole, he is progressing so well! He is working better, concentrating better and is far less bad-tempered! He is now getting 2 sachets of AbPrazole a day and I am hoping to reduce this to one very soon, which I can 'up' when needed - eg prior to a competition.I compete him in dressage - at the end of last year we were finding it difficult to do a reasonable novice level test; he is now about to go medium! It was never the ability that was in question, just the attitude!!! I will be back to order more when I am near to finishing the order I have just received!

Pamela McC. Sth Carolina Usa

Thank you for offering this quality product at a reasonable price. AbPrazole Plus

Lois E. Hawaii Usa

Dear Abler Team, Thank you so much for your product! My horse has been on your omerprazole ulcer treatment regime for 21 days and what a transformation! She is not grumpy and doesn’t try to bite when I groom and girth her. She is on alert but doesn’t spook and try to take off. What a transformation! Thank you!

Beth R. North Carolina Usa

Dear Abler, My horse has been suffering from chronic diarrhea for three years when the new grass comes in. Within a week of feeding Abprazole his diarrhea cleared up. This is the first real cure in years for the poor guy. This is such a relief for both of us. Thank YOU, Beth R

Lilli - Germany

Hi, horse is way up but just want to confirm he is carry on during the show season. Abprazole Plus is amazing! I recommended it so much here in Europe, and my German vet was really surprised how well it worked to my skinny one. So you will be shortly pack with German orders as well:)

Heather H -Rochester - Usa

the Omeprazole 700 works wonderful on my warmbloods to thoroughbreds.

Jessica G- NH- Usa

And thanks again - your customer support has been impeccable. I treated my horse last year with AbGard Stable PACK for equine ulcers - after I got him started on the outrageously and unaffordable other brand and all my questions were answered immediately and updates were sent in a very timely manner.

C.Lee Hawaii Usa

My order of Abprazole 700mg delivered just great .Just wanted to let you know that my horse has been doing well with the omeprazole, and has been eating much better, which is a huge relief. Equine ulcers are expensive to treat - this now makes it easier.

Paul T - Exeter UK

Thank you so much for your wonderful p roduct! Abler horse ulcers are now within my reach of treating. You have saved my horse and wallet

Nina R- Wyoming USA

I have received my20 packets Abprazole , and am ve ry happy with the results of this product on my horse's ulcers ... I am hop ing you could tell me approximate when I can expectthe remainder of my orde r as my horse needs omeprazole every day for horse ulcers this product helped thank you.

Sarah - Vaud- Switzerland

Hello, I did the free trial for 5 days with abprazole 700 (granules) and my mare with horse ulcers is doing much better. Please send me the rest of the treatment, and bill me on my credit card.

April S - New Mexico - USA

I order the trial offer of the omeprazole, my order number is xxxxx. I am very satisfied with this product. it has been helping my horse a lot with his horse ulcers and problems . I would like my other 80shipped please! Is this how I get them sent? Or is there something else that I need to do?

Leonie L- Beechwood- UK

After having a horse that has suffered with ulcers each winter for the past 3 years I was desperate for a product that was actually affordable and worked. Dreading paying exorbitant amounts for other omeprazole products I was delighted to come across AbPrazole granules. The service was prompt and reliable and my horse's appetite has returned to normal. My horse is a 550kg 16h1 Trakhener (Warmblood). My Veterinarian scoped ulcers previously and displays similar symptoms each time - low grade colic with curling of lip and general stressy behaviour and spookiness. Haven't scoped this time as vet said the symptoms are the same each year so we know what we are dealing with! A new order for AbPrazole is on the way to the UK. Leonie- UK

Spohie L - Brittany France

J'ai bien reçu et rapidement les 20 sachets pour l'essai et je vousen remercie beaucoup. Suite aux différents examens, mon vétérinaire vient de medire que ce ne sont pas des ulcères et que mon cheval n'a pas besoin d'oméprazole. Je ne souhaite donc pas recevoir les 80 sachets restants. Je vous remercie d'en prendre note. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre efficacité et votre sérieux, et ne manquerai pas de vous recommander ou de revenir vers vous si besoin. Bien cordialement. Sophie L. France

Anna H Olympia, WA USA

I recently ordered your 20 packets for free trail of the omeprazole for horses. My horse eats it readily, so I would like to order the rest. I previously discussed with Mary (phone rep), that I would rather get the order for 200 packets. She said that would be fine, less the 20 packets that were sent as a trial.

Julie P Santa Ana USA

Hi, can you bill me and send the rest of the packets asap? I am qui te pleased with the Aprazole granules easy to administer and, my horse is tolerating i t well. Thank You! I don't want to have a pause in the treatment wa iting, so didn't want to wait till end of trial.

Joni A Tennessee USA

Please send the remaining 80 sachets on the Abprazole trial offer. I really l ike them as they are really easy to put in my horse's feed and eggective treatment for Horse Ulcers. Thank yo u,

Cynthia C- New York USA

Thanks for having Omeprazole at a price that horse owners can afford. Horse Medication at the right price Thanks Abler

M Brown- Oxford - U.K>

Thanks for your prompt delivery and follow up call - I've now gotten round to trying the Omeprazole out and it seems to have helped my pony - please c ould you send the remaining 80 sachets - delivery details as before.

S. Hoffman Mn. USA

I have an 11 year old Quarab. He has always been grumpy in his stall and can be extremely obstinate under saddle. Since he has been on the Omeprazole treatment dose his whole demeanor has changed. He is friendly in his stall and has not been girthy. The biggest change has been under saddle, where he is agreeable and a joy to ride again. I cannot thankyou enough for providing an affordable Horse Medication product that has given me my horse,and willing partner back. My trainer had started my horse on theOmeprazole tablets, but he doesn't eat them well. It has only been 3 days of the Omeprazole 700mg treatment, and already I see huge improvements!! I am referring all of my friends who have problems with their equine ulcers to

Cathy H Wy. USA

We saw great results from the first 20. Thank you! Please send the rest of 100 packets. The only trouble I had was trying to make sure m y old guy got all his meds. He does not like to eat apples so I was using syrup in his feed so it would stick and not get left behind in the bucket

Lois A. California - USA

BEFORE Our 29 inch, 4 year old stallion shows all the symtoms of ulcers. Our Vet recomended we try Priolsec/Omeprazole. He is not eating at all. We have been tubing him to keep him alive. I am praying your product works. He is an outstanding little carriage horse. And we would really hate to lose him. AFTER Our little stallion is greatly improved, and is able to eat again. Thanks again for saving our little mini stallion CC

Leslie R- BC, Canada

Thank you for letting me try your product, Omeprezole granules. We are having our vet test for other problems. We will certainly keep Abler in mind if we have a future need for Abprazole in the future, and will recommend it to others. Respectfully

Julie P- Ontario. Canada

Thank you for the follow up. And your Omeprazole product was packaged well and my horse ate them too! However, we are currently not treating him for ulcers so I will not need the remainder of the offer.

Kelly W. Long Beach CA

The 20 trial satchets of Omeprazole by Abler you sent me are working wonderfully! Please send the remaining 80 and bill my card. k you for offering a cheaper alternative to treat ulcers.

Susan S.Florida USA

Thanks, Omeprazole Direct .. Your company is really nice to deal with and I appreciate your prompt response to my query about delivery of my order for Abprazole.

Frances W- UK

Please could you deliver remainder of order and debit my crd a ccordingly- we are very happy with the Abraprazole Try before you Buy Offer. Was sceptical but it works! . Many thanks

Chris M Canada

Just a note to let you know how well I thinkAbler 700mg Abraprazole is working on MONK. In the past I have never been too consistent about the daily maintenance dose, I tended to do a 3 pack a day for two or three weeks until his weight picked back up. This time I actually pretty much followed the directions and am seeing some amazing results. I have posted lots of my findings on his blog and have my link to your site on there. The big big deal for me is that he is eating so much better at rides. This last weekend he won a 75 mile ride, beat the last years time by 2.5 hours. He only lost 45 pounds, which is amazing, today he was up another 15 pounds, this is huge... Thank You Abler Follow Monk

Kim B - Oh- USA

Thanks Bernadette. I have one more week at full dosage of Omeprazole Granules 700mg sachets and it seems to have made a difference although I didn't scope before treatment. Stomach is not as sensitive and he is not a runaway on XC course!. Thanks Omeprazole Direct for offering a low cost alternative for Equine Ulcers so many of us Horse Owners can afford to make our horses comfortable! Kim

Christy L- Utah- USA

I have received my 20 sachets of Omeparzole-- The product has made a difference and would like to go ahead and complete the order for the other 80. If you could ship them asap and charge my credit card which has been given to you.

Fiona. TX USA

I tried the Omeprazole granules for 20 days and *thought* I saw a difference but wasn't completely convinced. The signs were very very subtle - a reduction in facial expressions, a looser way of going in the pasture, she wasn't 'starving" at meal times - could I have imagined it???? However, a week after stopping the Omeprazole granules, I am COMPLETELY convinced my mare needs the Omeprazole !

E B Tasmania Australia

Excellent product worked well on our horse. Abprazole 700™ Omeprazole Granules 700mg

TC. Idaho USA

Thank you for your response to my inquiry about my recent order for Abrapraole Plus . I did in fact, receive all three packages.. My horse is eating it great and I'm excited to see the results. I have refered numerous people to Abler. Thank you for your help. I'm sure I will be ordering from you again in the future

Sue F. UK

I am very pleased with the effect the omeprazole has had on my 6 yo gelding - he is much happier Horse in himself and much easier to handle. Thanks for your excellent customer service

Jean Pierre Normandie France

Mon cheval montrait tous les symptômes des ulcers Dégradation des performances et ne mangeait pas beaucoup d'alimentation. Après que juste trois semaines avec 4 sachets par jour avec votre Abprazole plus, il maintenant commence à gagner le poids et mange mieux. Je pense vraiment que le supplément probiotic avec les granules d'Omeprazole lui a aidé beaucoup. Merci Abler ! A Bientot Jean Pierre

Lucie Marseille France

Merci infiniment de m'envoyer l'échantillon “Try before you buy” Abprazole. Mon cheval doit avoir souffert des ulcères comme changement de son tempérament moins de 3 jours d'employer Abbprazole 700 est étonnant ! Veuillez envoyer les 80 autres sachets immédiatement et chargez mon carte de crédit ! Salutations Lucie

Sue C. QLD. Australia

At the moment my horses are having a break and are not being ridden so I don’t need to use the Abprazole 700 Omeprazole Granules However I did put it in the feed of two horses to see how they accepted it. They didn’t even notice it and cleaned their plates in minutes. Please send me 200 more for the treatment of Horse Ulcers as will be needed soon once back in work .


LOVE LOVE LOVE your new product Abprazole Plus! I want you to know that I am grateful for you EVERY day and say a heart felt "thank you" to both of you every time I get to see, love, hug and smell my big guy. Its been two years now using your Abler product and I know that I would not have him today, if not for you offering the absolute best product for horse colic at a cost I can afford for the life of my guy. I could not come close to affording other products of the same results, and would be inhuman for me to keep him alive in the pain he would experience without omprazaole daily. So thank you from the bottom of my heart that I do not have make such a decision. Today he is a VERY HAPPY HEALTHY 2 year old and look forward to a long happy life with him.

Petra - Austria

many thanks to you - with your Abler Omeprazole granules 700mg i can treat horse colic efficiently. with other products i couldn't, it is too expensive.

J.G. Ca. USA

Thank you for providing this crucial product. My big thoroughbred, Chuey, is so much healthier since he has been taking the Omeprazole granules. It is so affordable. With your Omeprazole granules 700mg I can continue to maintain him and keep him free of diarrhea and colic.

P.I. Fresno USA

Your website was recommended by my trainer, who is also using your product on her horse. I'm thrilled you offer a one week trial...thank you!


thanks for a great product! my horse eats the Omeprazole Granules in his feed and does not weed it out. the vividblue color makes it easy to see if he has left any in his trough. ...... and he never does. please send the remaining 80 packets right away! .Great horse supplement. Love it.


Just want to say a huge thank you to your company. My 16.2 TB had colic approx 3 times a week, he has been on Omeprazole 700mg Granules 1 sachet every day and has now been colic free for 14 months! Appreciate this Horse Medication being so affordable - happy and healthy TB Cheers

Peter .G. Delaware. USA

I've told both my friends and other Equine Folk about your Horse Supplements and how we've liked them. I've used your Abler Omeprazole/Probiotic Combo and had a great experience. Thank You!

Debra H. Tasmania Australia

The Granules are Great. Horse Ulcers are expensive to treat and so pleased my mare is now responding to treatment - gaining weight and so much happier.. Will be sure to tell my other Aussie Horse mates. Thanks Abler

Laurie Kentucky USA

Mixed the Omeprazole Granules with Corn syrup and added to feed worked for my fussy eater. Didnt dissolve..I will be back again to order more. Horse Colic no more - Best Wishes Fussy Filly!

Keith S. Berkshire UK

I received the 20 sachets of Omeprazole Granules to try. Please go ahead and send the rest, our horse eats them just fine. He even licks his feed dish afterwards! Try Before You Buy - Great offer and thank you for making Horse Products more affordable and the treatment of Horse Colic manageable the sachets are easy to use and store.

P.H. Wymoning USA

My horse that is very difficult to get any medication into takes these granules very willingly. 700mg Granules Omeprazole.

Olga K Warszawa Poland


Miguel A. Costa del Sol Spain

Your product is very good for Horse Ulcer. Delivery was very good. Will order more soon as this is good Pharmaceutical for Horse.

R.T. Surrey UK

Would just like to commend you on the outstanding service you provide. I ordered omeprazole granules from you on the 1st of December in the UK and received them on Saturday 5th December :-) Previously I was treating my horse with another product for her ulcers at a considerable cost . At last Affordable Equine medication. R.T- UK

N.S. New Jersey USA

Thanks for the trial. Fred actually eats it all!!!! So with this success, go ahead and ship the rest - Omeprazole Granules 700mg. Thanks so much! Tried Tabs 1st now Fred loves the Granules. Horse Colic made so much easier to treat and cant thank you enough for the discounted pricing.

Patricia Cheshire UK

My friend gave me some of the Omeprazole Horse Ulcer Tablets that she hasn't used she has been on them for two weeks and I have seen a difference but have now ran out. I am going to purchase some more tablets for myself from your site. Horse Medication is now cheaper thanks to you kind folk.

Janice L . BC Canada

My girlfriend recommended your site - we both have horses with ulcers. Thank you for the savings and making Horse Supplements much cheaper A great product Abprazole it does work.

N.S. New Jersey USA

Your Omeprazole Tabs 700mg have completely transformed my off track thoroughbred Fred - Vet was sceptical re quality and grading of the equine medication- Omeprazole tabs, we are all blow away at how wonderful the tabs work. Thank you and thanks from Fred!

Wayne Edmonton Canada

Thank you very much. I received the notice today & will pick it up tomorrow at the Post Office. I have told all my horsey friends about your Ulcer products . It has been a lifesaver for our barrel racing horse who we suspected had ulcers. He has shown no sign of them since we've started him on the omeprazole. His behavior this year has been 100% better ! I feel bad thinking we were running him with a tummy ache. I can't thank you enough for your wonderful product.