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  1. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Helps By: Lisav208
    On: 12/05/2021
    I give this to my older horse and she got a lot better! Plus its easy to feed!
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  2. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    So happy I have found this product ???? By: Nicki
    On: 28/01/2021
    If you are thinking about using AbButazone and aren't 100% sure, my advice is order it. I am now on my second order, my Veteran 28 years old and 17.2hds has one a day, occasionally 2. He always had an upset stomach with uk prescribed equipalazone. The bonus is this product is coated, his stomach is much more consistently settled. Also, I save at least £40 per order, not ordering from my equine vet.
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  3. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use! By: Tammy
    On: 26/03/2020
    I use the Abbutazone packets for both my geldings when bute is needed for an injury or discomfort. I love how easy these are to use. I sprinkle in their pellets and supplements and they eat them right up. They even kind of stick to the pellets I feed so low on waste. Appreciate how easy these are to use.
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  4. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Super Produit By: odile
    On: 13/02/2020
    Abler site au top !! Anti-inflammatoire est parfait et un rapport qualité prix imbattable !! ma jument le mange sans souci dans une petite ration !! Merci Abler
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  5. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Been blessing By: Denise
    On: 12/12/2019
    I use on my 32 year old mare ,its made a very big difference in her walking etc.
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  6. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fantastic Product Delivered Right to Your Door for a GREAT Price! By: Chandra
    On: 18/11/2019
    I absolutely love!!!! No need to spend hundreds of dollars calling your vet out to confirm what you already know & then charging you their prescription prices! has you covered! They have a lot of great products/medicines that come in easy to use, easy to measure and are super easy to feed!!! Your horse won't even realize the product has been added to their feed bucket and all of this for a fraction of the cost from your local vet & delivered straight to your door!!!!
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  7. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works well and horses eat it By: Jessica
    On: 06/08/2019
    It work very well and usually also the picky eaters eat it. However, the ones that don't eat the granules still need the regular bute syringed into the mouth. You can't dissolve the granules. Ease of opening the sachets is a bit of a hit and miss :)
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  8. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Phenylbutazone or Bute daily dosage and use By: Piggy
    On: 11/07/2019
    I was recommended Abler in May 2019 as I was having to jump paperwork and financial hoops with my vet. I was anxious making my first order but everything went perfectly well. The Abbutazone sachets each provide 1g of oral phenylbutazone as bright orange granules which are supposed to be orange flavoured but still taste bitter. I mask them in a variety of foods: Honey or jam sandwiches; porridge oats with a bit of honey or sugar; or take a core section from an apple and fill the hole with the Abbutazone. They are reasonably-well tolerated and eaten. After a month I saw an increase in mobility (arthritis) and this has steadied out after what is now two months of twice-daily medication. I was hoping for more improvement but it is a fine balance between mobility and long-term health. Always ensure that the animal being treated is eating well and doesn't have any known gastric issues. I will continue to order this medication.
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  9. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Can be hard to measure By: Nathan
    On: 22/06/2019
    Just as easy to feed as the omeprazole, but sometimes harder to measure small amounts. For measuring grams and half grams, this is perfect. Worked just as effective as medications from the vet. Each dose is fresh and sealed each time. Definitely will try to have some on hand at all times.
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  10. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use By: Kathleen
    On: 20/02/2019
    Easy to use because off the individual dossage. And you don’t have to weigh. Affordable for the quality you get. Fast and easy shipment. Great for the Horse!
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  11. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great to be able to get it this way. By: Anne
    On: 23/11/2018
    I’m from abroad so my English will not be that good. But I still wanted to let you know how happy I am with the possibility to get AbButazone for my old horse. On rainy days she stops moving around in the meadow. She does not believe the rug will keep her dry enough so thinks she must stand still with her behind towards the rain. This will get her in a circle of getting stiff-not wanting to move because of that-getting more soar. With a few days of AbButazone she will walk again and can manage herself. I used to get medicine from the vet but that is really expensive and spoils once te bottle is opened. With these I can use what I need and save money.
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  12. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very good! By: Marianna
    On: 15/02/2018
    This product has heped my horse with pain, it is very important product to have on hand for emergency use. After a few days I noticed a huge improvment in my gelding. Abbutazone helps, brings relief and really works!!! It is easy to use, only mix with feed and very effective. I really recommend this product!
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  13. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Bute give relief to my retired Splodge By: Di
    On: 18/10/2017
    AbButazone has helped my beautiful liver chestnut 21 year old warmblood who I have had for over 12 years. Her name is Splodge as when she was born all you could see was the big white blaze on her face and it looked like the paint had run and had left a splodge on the left hand side her face. She is a beauty and is semi retired now - her dressage days are over but with a little help from the occasional Bute she is fine. Only use it after the farrier has re-shod her feet as she gets a bit stiff in her back legs. Thanks Abler
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  14. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use By: Alexandra
    On: 17/01/2017
    I always keep a stash of these at the stable for emergency use.
  15. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use, a necessity to have in the stable By: Natasha
    On: 21/10/2015
    I have had great results from the AbButazone in all my performance horses. Has helped my horses with pain relief and swelling, easy to administer and affordable. Such an important product to have on hand 24/7 for any stable!
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  16. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    great medicine By: Anna
    On: 27/05/2015
    I've tested this product on two horses and it really works. Good at swellings and fever
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  17. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great to see this medication in granule form By: Jen
    On: 29/07/2014
    I have seen the relief from pain for my OTB Jackson - So easy to mix with his feed and he eats all up and you can see the difference in his behavior. Thanks Abler
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