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    My horse showed signs of ulcers treated now happy again By:Laurie
    My 5 year old OTTB was showing signs of ulcers vet suggested that I treat for ulcers. UG was way out of my price range, then my barn manager refered me to Abler. I treated for 30 days with abprazole plus and he is a totally different horse under saddle now. I expected to recieve my order in 3 weeks so i planned on giving him 3 months off and it arrived in less than 2 weeks to the US. I could not be any happier with my choice of treatment for my furbaby. Thank you Abler for providing such cost effective alternatives for the ones with limited incomes. Laurie K
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    Great product that really works! By:Ashley
    This product was so easy to feed, horses cleaned it up and it really helped heal ulcers
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    5* By:Holly Russell
    I used this on my horse at a fraction of the cost it would have cost me to scope my horse. I saw a slight difference in his behaviour, so I have decided I will look to purchase the hind gut bulk pack now to continue his treatment. Overall this product has saved me hundreds of pounds and seems to be doing the trick. I am happy about how long it took to arrive, I am happy with the price, I am happy with the results shown so far.
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    ulcers By:Amber
    My horse was girthy. He was biting when he was saddled up and kicking. He bucked when I rode him. His saddle fit fine. We had several trainers ride him. As soon as we gave him AbPrazole™ Bulk Pack his girthiness stopped after a few days of treatment. He didn't buck the last time I rode him. He is a much happier camper. The shipment arrived just a few days after I placed my order.
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    Happy By:Astris
    Abprazole plus makes my horse a happy horse
  6. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It works! By:Teresa
    I thought there was no way it could work. But it did. Within five days my pony was happy and feeling much better. Wayyyyy more affordable than any other treatment.
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    Best result ever By:Christian
    I started to use AbPrazole Plus as I found it to be affortable and was looking to find the best solution to give Omeprazole to my horses. Within 3 days the yawning of the horses stopped.. I believe the version with PLUS is effektiv and worth the extra $$
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    Skeptical at first By:Lizette
    Wow. What a turn around for the 2 horses and pony I have used this on. I was so skeptical this would do anything but after going ahead and trying it - I’m a huge believer. Shiny coats, weight gain and overall happier demeanor are some of the many changes I’ve seen in the past 2 months!
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    Sehr gut By:Sara
    Sehr gut
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    Abler has made the treatment & prevention of my horse's ulcers affordable & easy By:Orrin
    I rescued an 11 year old Arabian gelding who was extremely neglected & terrified of everything and everyone... after 14 months of proper healthcare (vet, farrier, dentist & nutrition), he was finally to a very healthy place both mind & body but something was still a bit off- he would swish his tail anytime I so much as lightly brushed his lower sides & belly so I knew his stomach was bothering him in some way! I had the vet back out & she told me the only way to check was to scope & it would be pricey and not a simple procedure to say the least so I started researching other options and thank God I found!!!! I decided to try the Abprazole Plus on my gelding to see if that made any sort of difference and it made a HUGE difference within 3 weeks! There was no more swishing of the tail when I brushed his sides/belly area and he was all around a much happier and healthier horse! I HIGHLY recommend Abprazole Plus to anyone who so much as thinks there's a possibility that their horse has ulcers! You won't find a cheaper, easier, more effective remedy/product on the market! Thank you, Abler!!!!
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    Great product By:Destini
    This worked wonders on my crabby gelding
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    Wonderful product By:Kathy
    We have used Abler Omeprazole on many horses and are thankful to have a cost effective option. We see improvement in attitude, training, and weight.
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    Hard Keeper turned around By:LP
    I had a rescue that I just COULD NOT keep weight on. He did not show obvious signs of ulcers. As a very last ditch resort, a friend recommended Abler. I bought the Abler Plus and I cannot overemphasize how incredibly well this product worked for him. He became less irritable, his coat shined up, and he finally started to put those last pounds on! I have gone on to recommend this product to many others
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    Wonderful product By:Vanness
    This product works wonderful. My horse is going on his third week of treatment and I already see results. My horse have gain some weight and looks shiny. Thank you abler for this wonderful product.
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    Best Product for Our Pony By:Rocky
    The abler brand has literally held up to the test. I have used a number of treatments in the past and not only has the Abprazole Plus worked better, it is easy to dose, feed and is affordable for maintenance. Thank you Abler!
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    Great product By:HH
    My horse eats is without any trouble directly with the food and seems to feel better after a few days already. It´s easy to use and i am very happy with it!
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    Magengeschwüre 2-3 grad By:Maja
    Ich habe dieses Produkt gewählt da es zusätzlich den Darm schützt. Hat gut funktioniert!!! Super Produkt!! I chose this product because it also protects the intestine. Worked well !!! Great product !!
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    Great product! By:Monika
    Very good product at a good price. Convenient packaging and easy way of serving. I recommend this product.
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    Affordable solutions By:Jennifer
    I had my vet check the active ingredients and levels and they agreed that this was a genuine product according to the label. It made a notable difference to any horse I have used the product on over the years I have used Abler
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    As good as sachets By:Barbara
    Product in good price, easy to serve, less plastic and waste than sachets so maybe better for the planet ;)
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    Absolutely Amazing! By:Katy
    After a very stressful year, with a sick horse and having spent many thousands of euros trying to find out what was wrong and fix her, we finally diagnosed Ulcers, not just mild ones, OH NO, but grade 4/5!!! now my girl is pretty good to do most things with, but sticking nasty omeprazole paste down her throat every day for 12 weeks just wasn't going to happen, She's a big girl at 18hh, and omeprazole paste is just not my colour!! sorry but there it is. ion top of this slight heightist issue is the fact that watching half a (very expensive) tube of Omeprazole hit the floor is soul destroying. the solution?? A friend suggested Abler granules in her feed. Well, I'd never heard of granular Omeprazole, so off I toddled to investigate...…. I was thrilled to find that not only was it true, but it came with added probiotics too! BONUS. fast forward 6 months, I have a happy horse, no issues at all with her eating the blue sprinkles in her feed, and its all stress free for me too!! Now, I have also tried the Abprazole, without the probiotics, well a girls gotta try to save a few pennies! but for my girlie, that just didn't have the same, immediate, effect of providing relief that the AbPlus did. I will be sticking to what I know works best! yes, the bank transfer can be a bit of a pain and time consuming but it is ABsolutely worth it for my Horse!!! oh!! and the customer service was fast, superb and extremely helpful! especially when we lost a packet of AbPlus in the post as someone had opened it! I sent them a picture, and I had a free of charge replacement in 5 days!! now THAT is how customer service should work!
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    Brilliant Product By:Katheryn
    My horse has been on a full course of a paste recommended by the vet with no positive outcome.Only after a week of using Abrazol Plus my mares appetite is back and she's like a different horse.....thankyou
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    Love the probiotic with omeprazole By:Ines
    My horse feels immediately better. I prefer the probiotic plus version
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    My horse is finishing his hay & putting his weight back on. By:Diana
    My horse is an appendix quarter horse who Had lost weight after his training & travel was increased in the jumping discipline.. He was barely eating his hay & eating senior feed, rice bran & beet pulp with little desire. I had the vet out. All his lab work was negative. His ulcer test negative. The vet said I could get him scoped but that was as expensive as the treatment. A friend & trainer told me about Abler. I’ve been giving it a couple months now,& switching to the maintenance dose. My horse is cleaning up his hay,put his weight back on & more energetic. The abler is easy to give as a top dressing on his grain. My horse was very resistant to using the tube to give the abrazole plus. So the granules are great.
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    Good results By:Robin
    The products has a good result on my horse. I ordered this once. After that I got back to using the sachets. I don't find the bulk packs easy to use. You have to weigh the product and I spilled a lot. With the sachets you always know how much product is in there.
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  26. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent product! By:TONIA
    We have given my barrel horse the treatment dose for a month and am keeping her on the preventative dose for the next couple of months due to our very hectic schedule this spring. She was EXTREMELY agitated when hauling her or leaving her at the trailer. I can honestly say she is a completely different horse and each time we go she is a little better. The team at Abler has been great to work with as well and always answers any questions I may have. HIGHLY recommend!!
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    Mare gets better with ever trip ! By:Running Bloodlines
    My 5yo AQHA gets a prevention dose of 1 1/2 scoops pre, during and post travel to events. Bulk pack of AbPrazole Plus is easier to dispense than single packs. I am so thankful I found Abler makes treating ulcers in horses so much easier.
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    Will Not Go Without By:Katrin
    I am a long-time adult amateur competitor. I have a gelding who was nervous, over-reactive to aids, over-reactive to any kind of environmental stimulus, spooky, anxious, unfocused -- you name it. I was in tears lamenting the thought I may have to give him up because he was unsuitable for anything but a highly competent professional (think, international level rider). Then a local professional who is also a mentor of mine suggested Abler omeprazole, and gave me an insert from from one of her packages. I bought the pill form at first, and I was STUNNED that I had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HORSE in a matter of days. I have since switched to the granules as I found the pills lying in the shavings on a somewhat regular basis; with the granules, I just feed with his grain and I know he's getting what he needs. Since putting my boy on Abler omeprazole, my questionable gelding has blossomed into my dream horse. I cannot thank Abler enough for making this product, nor to my mentor for suggesting it to me in the first place. I will not go without this with this horse ever again.
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  29. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    chronic colic OTTB By:Heather
    My OTTB had been chronically colicing within the first year I had him. We did everything the vets recommended, and spent a small fortune! Had him scoped,belly x-rayed and switched to all pelleted diet. UG daily was the only thing that prevented a reoccurance. This is MUCH more affordable and just as easy to use! Highly recommend!
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    Works well By:Cindy
    Third order of product. I have tried others products but unfortunately they haven’t worked and ulcers return.
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  31. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent affordable ulcer care By:Patricia
    I have been through numerous tubs of other ulcer medications, this works! Period, and the tube medication is just as effective as ulcer guard at half the price.
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    Amazing Value By:Heather
    I have used the name brand ulcer treatment and this one and actually had better results with the Abprazole Plus.
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    Great Product By:Leslie
    Much easier to administer and more cost effective than the competitors. The probiotics are a bonus!
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    Helped make my horse happy again! By:Shyann
    Abprazole Plus has done wonders for my gelding. It is important that once done with treatment, to keep up with the preventative dosing. I could not even saddle my horse this early spring because he would get so crabby (grinding teeth, swishing tail, and acting like he was going to bite me). He is not cinchy at all anymore, and he is riding very nice. Easy to feed, at first I had to mix in grain with applesauce so he would eat them (he is very picky). After he completed the treatment (28 days) I started giving him the preventative dose, which is less and I do not mix with anything besides his grain, and he licks his dish clean. The bulk pack is nice so you do not have a ton of little wrappers everywhere, verse when I first bought the product and bulk was not available.
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    Horse looks amazing now By:Lucille
    I have been thru one bulk pack and my horse has gained about 175 pounds and I'm so satisfied with the results!
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    Good Results! By:Ru
    Two horses on it for three months now. One older horse who has ulcers in the past and been treated for years is clearly more comfortable in his FEI dressage work since we started him on the Aborazole Plus. The other, a young horse, was starting to grind his teeth in his low level dressage work. Seems much more comfortable now. I plan to keep them both on it. Believe the addition of a probiotic is beneficial. So much easier to administer than other ulcer meds for even the fussiest eaters. Also believe Abler's adherence to high standards, air tight packaging and clear expiration dates makes for a product we can count on performing as described. Hurrah!
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  37. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    great company! great product! By:Debora
    I used ABprazole packets for the first 2 weeks of treatments. Huge difference in my horse! he is so happy now! I decided to try the ABprazole Plus for his 2nd 2 weeks of treatment. I do like the convenience of the probiotics and omeprazole all in one. I did purchase the stable pack instead of the packets and have to say that the packets were easier for me to deal with. Same great product but my next order will be for the packets
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    Noticeable difference from my Thoroughbred By:Laura
    My horse suffers performance anxiety and showed other signs of ulcers such as girthy behavior and was a generally nervous horse. This has certainly helped him calm down and is now far more manageable at competitions. Bulk pack makes it easy to keep him on a maintenance dose.. Only downside is I have come back to place my order 3 months later and the prices have all been bumped up which was a little disappointing.
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  39. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    fingers crossed By:sophie
    Have brought this product early days yet but I think there is some improvement. The best thing is the affordability Thankyou so much Abler
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  40. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Product By:Suzy
    I've used this product off and on for years for my horses with ulcers. I always come back to it when I have a horse that is diagnosed or presents sign of possible ulcers. It's convenient, affordable, healing results obtained and ABLER is very fair and pleasant to deal with. Truly believe the probiotic added to the omeprazole is very smart and effective and the way to go. Thank You ABLER !!!
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    Awesome Product By:Harold
    A little skeptical a first but what the hey, did the recommended 28 day ulcer treatment with awesome results. Getting ready for another order for the preventative treatment. Thanks for making my horse happy again :-)
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    Diagnosis by treatment By:Judy
    I find myself in need of treatment for another horse with maybe ulcers? Diagnosis by treatment with ABPRAZOLE PLUS™ BULK PACK has affirmed my suspicions. I have used these products before with success, being very pleased with customer service, so when another horse required treatment I examined the research, comments and producers, being happy to return to this improved product which was not available in this form previously, thank you Abler.
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    In al a brill product By:Hayley
    This keeps my horse in top condition and also knowing that it works is piece of mind
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  44. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Best product and company. By:Viv
    Abler not only provide outstanding customer service, their products are without doubt the best on the market, with results obvious within days. So happy to have access to a cost minimising Bulk Pack.
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    Excellent product By:Anabel
    Used many times with great sucsess ... very cost effective
  46. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Much More Convenient By:Sally Ann
    Great to see you have Abprazole Plus in a Bulk Pack. I have 4 horses on this medication and this so much more convenient than having to open the single sachets. Thanks Abler
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