Keeping up your horses appearance

If it seemed that your horse’s winter coat has not vanished quickly enough, or he has a somewhat big belly but is not fat, he could have parasitic worms. Horses are very prone to parasite infestation, and they should have a regular horse worming program.  Parasites in horses rob nutrients from your horse, thereby affecting his attitude and overall performance. Giving your horse dewormers is not a complicated process and can be done each day or even every 8 weeks.

The first thing you need to do is to weigh your horse. Before administering the deworming agent, you need to know how much your horse approximately weighs. You also need to choose the type of worming agent to use. There are different forms of dewormers available but the most commonly used is the paste form in a syringe.

Before administering the dose, you need to tie up your horse. Most horses dislike the taste of many dewormers, so they might just throw their heads up in the air to resist the dose. Next is to set the right dose by adjusting the syringe. The weight of the horse is needed to come up with the correct dose. The syringe is calibrated with dosage markings, and you can easily read them so that you will be able to adjust the dose to ensure a correct dose.

Upon oral administration, the first few inches/cms of the syringe tip should be inserted into the corner of the horse’s mouth. It must point to the direction of the back of the mouth. Push the plunger and then remove once done. Afterwards, hold your horse’s head up by pushing it from underneath his jaw. This will facilitate the swallowing of the paste to ensure no wastage happens. You may do this routine depending on the severity of the infestation or as directed by the veterinarian.

Deworming your horse can be a simple job to do; however, using AblerQuant makes the process even more convenient. As mentioned, most dewormers can taste unpleasant for the horse. But with the palatable taste of AblerQuant, your horse will not reject the deworming agent which then allows full consumption of the dose and successful control of the parasites.

Deworming is part of your responsibility as a horse owner. You need to ensure that your horse does not suffer from the burden of having too many internal parasites. Save your horse’s health today with AblerQuant.