Anyone who has had to treat horse ulcers in the past knows that it can become incredibly expensive. Between the vet consultations, scopes, medication and ulcer-friendly feeds - it gets into the thousands very quickly. With the right knowledge, there are some things you can do from home to help diagnose and treat you horse ulcers without spending much.

Diagnosing Ulcers

No one knows your horse better than you, so it's worthwhile having a go at diagnosing your horse. There are a handful of ways that you can diagnose ulcers in your horse without needing a scope or vet consultation, such as trialing a low dosage of Omeprazole. A vet consultation is preferable - however for those limited by resources or location - these diagnosis techniques will help give a good indication.

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Treat Horse Ulcers Without Spending a Fortune

You can treat horse ulcers with medication available online with no prescription required. Abler equine ulcer treatment medications contain the same active ingredients as the ‘big name’ medications but are more affordable because there isn’t a big marketing push behind them.

Let’s use the example of a 500kg horse with gastric ulcers. The most common medication for gastric ulcers is Omeprazole. Some of the ‘big name’ omeprazole treatments cost $32-$40/day. Abler Omeprazole (AbPrazole) treatment works out at less than $7 a day. That’s a massive difference, especially when you take into account the minimum recommended treatment length is 28 days. Furthermore, with the ‘big names’ you need a prescription.. So there goes another $200 - 300 in vet fees.