Is you horse not performing, off their feed, losing weight and just not themselves ? The problem could be as simple as gastric ulcers.

How to treat gastric ulcers with omeprazole.

Omeprazole horse ulcer treatment is an effective medication which helps suppress the production of acid in the stomach. Ulcers are formed from the constant production of gastric acid which is not neutralized by saliva from frequent feeding.Horses are seen as frequent feeders that constantly have something inside their mouths for most parst of the day. Once these horses are stabled, their diet changes and they may not eat as frequently as before. Acid production is simply a natural process that continues on with or without food . If there is nothing to digest, then this acid becomes injurious to the stomach lining, and thus ulcers are formed.

When horses are off their feed, omeprazole paste is a suitable treatment. Here are some tips on how to properly administer.

How to administer Omeprazole paste.

  • Before giving the dose, make sure your horse’s mouth is empty and without any traces of feed.
  • Remove the cover from the syringe.
  • Insert the device into the horse’s mouth.
  • Press down the syringe plunger until you can’t press anymore.

This means the knurled ring has stopped the plunger indicating that the dose has been delivered.

In conculsion

When it comes to the overall health of your horses, omeprazole paste is the go to medication to heal ulcers, especially when your horse is not eating.