Generic omeprazole equine ulcer medication

Omeprazole is used to treat and prevent equine gastric ulcers. An ulcer is a wound in the digestive tract lining.

There are two types of equine ulcers:

Gastric ulcers occur in the stomach

Colonic ulcers occur in the intestines.

Equine ulcers are caused by different factors. They also, have different symptoms and are treated differently.

Signs and symptoms of gastric ulcers:

  • Attitude changes
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased energy and performance
  • Poor condition

Signs of potential digestive issues:

  • Sensitive girth and flank area
  • Stall vices - Cribbing and weaving
  • Decreased motivation to work

Ulcers are very common in horses; the majority of performance horses are found to have them and over 90% of racehorses suffering from gastric ulcers. A large proportion of leisure horses and foals also suffer from gastric and colonic ulcers. About 50% of horses with ulcers don’t actually display any symptoms or they're so subtle they are easily missed.


Omeprazole is used to treat and prevent equine gastric ulcers. Omeprazole is used to treat and prevent equine gastric ulcers.


Benefits of generic omeprazole ulcer medication as granules

  1. Enteric coated
  2. Affordable
  3. Easy to adminster
  4. Pre measured once-a-day doses

Generic omeprazole is well suited to treat equine ulcers. Generic omeprazole comes in several dosage forms such as easy to administer granules. If your horse is fussy with medications, we also sell Omeprazole in other forms (paste or tablet) to make treatment a lot easier. Generic omeprazole is also  enteric coated. The enteric coating ensures it resists the stomach acid and reaches the intestines where it then dissolves and releases the active ingredient.

Generic Omeprazole is well tolerated by horses and promotes healing, allowing the horse to continue with their normal daily activities .

Recommended Dosage of Generic Omeprazole


Treatment: 28 days

One sachet per 175kg (385lb)/ per day. Recommended dosage is 1.8 mg/lb per day (4.0 mg/kg)

 Prevention: Ongoing as required 

One sachet per 350kg (770lb)/ per day Recommended dosage is 0.09 mg/lb per day (2.0 mg/kg)

Simply sprinkle omeprazole dry on to food. For fussy eaters  mix t with molasses or corn syrup or with food, apple or a treat!