What is the active ingredient Omeprazole

When it comes to horse ulcers, there is only one medication many horse owners trust which is Omeprazole. The active ingredient omeprazole is effective in inhibiting the acid secretion in the stomach.  

How does a probiotic help?

Probiotics helps restore natural intestinal flora, leading to more rapid recovery and better nutrient absorption, Secondly the probiotics help heal the the ulcers. 

Benefits of Omeprazole with a Probiotic

Horses, especially performance horses, are prone to gastric ulceration. This is the result of changes in their diet as well as their training program. If this condition is not treated immediately, you might have poor performing and unhappy horses. These include changes in appetite, poor skin and coat condition, changes in behavior, and grinding of the teeth. Digestive ulcers can affect all kinds of horses at any age.


Probiotics help restore the natural flora of the intestine Probiotics helps restore natural intestinal flora


The  active ingredient Omeprazole works to suppress acid production. The probiotics support the whole process by allowing quick healing of the lesions.  It is highly palatable to the horse’s taste which makes it all the more convenient when dosing.

Prevention is the most important approach to equine digestive ulcers.

You should limit the stressful situations your horse has to face and allow free grazing and hay consumption once in a while. The saliva is a natural form of antacid which is produced from constant chewing of food as seen by horses that normally graze freely. If it’s not possible to allow free access to grazing, then the most appropriate approach would be to give medications that help decrease acid production. The best choice to ensure a top performance.