Overall care for your horse’s health is entirely different from caring for your horse that had a history of digestive ulcers. Horse owners who have already experienced dealing with equine ulcers may be more sensitive to signs leading to new ulcer formations, whether a horse ignores the food or is experiencing mild colic. Most owners would desperately need an answer on what to do should the ulcers recur. Fortunately, the answer does not have to cost a fortune.

Once your horse has been treated for digestive ulcers, the best thing you can do to prevent it from recurring is to observe measures to help him maintain a healthy state. Your horse may likely be stressed from your exercise programs or feeding practices considering that he is bred for performance.


Abprazole Plus


Most owners understand that such horses are prone to developing ulcers and omeprazole is the trusted name for the treatment of the said condition. But omeprazole may not be enough to eliminate ulcers. Aside from feeding your horse the right type of feed and allowing him to avoid stressful situations, it is equally important to ensure that your horse has a healthy immune and digestive system.

AbPrazole Plus contains omeprazole combined with horse probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms which are beneficial to the horse’s digestive health. These microorganisms are administered to increase the population of beneficial microorganisms inside the horse’s stomach. Normally, when ulcers occur, the balance of the intestinal flora is disrupted leading to digestion problems. However, when you treat your horse with omeprazole together with probiotics, you are ensuring successful healing of the lesions in a quicker way. You can let your horses train even when given the medication.

Horse ulcers treated with supplements such as probiotics tend to result to happier and healthier horses. Treating ulcers in horses is not just about managing the lesions found inside the horse’s stomach. It is also about focusing on a nutritional program that prevents ulcers from recurring. Prevention is still important in the management of equine ulcers. You can help your horse attain a healthy state by treating ulcers quickly with AbPrazole Plus, allowing your horse to graze in pasture more frequently, feeding your horses frequently with small meals, reducing high-grain meals, and reducing time for intensive training.