We all know horses love to eat…hungry like a horse, right? And most all of us also know that there is a serious issue when old Bessy turns her nose up at dinner time…she normally cleans her plate. Could it be a sign horse colic? There are many reasons why your horse may go “off their food” as we say…some are serious emergencies and others are not. Lets talk about a few of the reasons your horse won’t eat.

Off feed sign Horse Colic

The first of the bunch, colic…just the mention of it makes a horse owners blood run cold…colic is the #1 killer of horses. One of the first signs of horse colic is going off the feed. Not unlike us when we have a stomach ache, the horse’s belly hurts and he doesn’t want to put anything else in there. We’ve all been there. The problem is that the horse does not have the ability to vomit its stomach contents like we can to alleviate the problem. Horses colic sign is from trapped gas, having eaten something he should not have, ulcers or impaction. A colicy horse will try to lie down, look at his flanks, sweat and have an elevated heart rate. This is an occasion that you need to call the vet immediately.

Pain associated with ulcers in horses

Ulcers are another big cause of a horse that won’t eat his food. The ulcers in the stomach or the hind gut are being aggravated by the food he is eating, so very shortly he learns that if doesn’t eat, the pain of the ulcers is less. Anyone that understands ulcers knows that this is the worst thing for him as both the food in his stomach and the saliva he coats his stomach with should be helping to buffer the stomach and reduce the acid. So, the ulcer gets worse. If you suspect that your horse has ulcers, you need to treat them…they will not get better on their own.

Impacted teeth

Another possible cause of poor eating is the lack of dental care. A horse’s teeth never quit growing, and if you don’t have his teeth cared for at least once a year, sharp points can form. Those points will cut into his gums every time he tries to chew his food…pretty self-explanatory why he wouldn’t want to eat. Other things that can also happen are cracked or impacted teeth that get infected, or uneven wear patterns. Any of the above are miserable for your horse…don’t neglect his dental care.

Oh no - Picky finicky eater

Just plain picky horse. These are tough…some horses just are just not good eaters. It seems that the sun, moon and stars have to be aligned for him to clean his plate. For this guy you will just have to be patient, and through trial and error find a hay and feed that he likes. This horse is one that I would go back to #2 and #3 above and explore ulcers and tooth care as a culprit before you assume he is just being finicky.

In summary there are many reasons why a horse wont eat, sign horse colic is serious and is one that needs to be dealt with immediately by calling Vet.