Humans get acid reflux which can lead to stomach ulcers; horses get equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) which can result in digestive ulcers. As you may know first hand (and sorry if you do!) ulcers can be quite painful and lead to all sorts of not-fun things such as malnutrition and a decline in your overall health. It's the same in horses! AbPrazole is an excellent treatment that contains omeprazole granules and works by halting the overproduction of gastric acid. It's that overproduction that leads to their ulcers.

You may be thinking 'Okay, but what causes this overproduction of gastric acids in my horse?' You might not be thinking it, too, but I'm going to answer anyway. The most common cause is your horse not getting enough roughage in their diet. Horses are designed to turn grass into fast, but first, they need that fibre either through free range grazing or forage provided to them, and that fibre soaks up the acids in their stomach. The other primary cause is, just like in humans, stress. Stress from over-training, from being locked up in a stall with no entertainment, sickness, injury, all sorts of things from the smallest to biggest changes can cause stress in your equine baby. Studies have shown that in as little as five days, ulcers could start developing! Upwards of ninety percent of racehorses and sixty percent of performance horses have been shown to have ulcers, it's, unfortunately, a very common thing for our equine athletes.

If you've tried other stomach medications you've probably already found that getting them into your horse isn't always easy; not so with AbPrazole! AbPrazole comes in granules which makes it super easy to use. Just mix the granules with your horse's feed (perhaps mixed with a little molasses or corn syrup if you have a super suspicious eater), and that's how easy the delivery is. It's safe to use without any noted adverse effects but, you should probably use caution with pregnant mares and newborn foals as there's not a lot of studies about concerning the effects on them.

Obviously, you want your horse to be at their best whether they're a trail horse, a racehorse, or your paddock pony and AbPrazole helps you manage it! You should always keep an eye out for symptoms such as poor appetite, poor performance, general behaviour changes, coat loss, or other worrying signs. If you leave EGUS for too long untreated, some pretty serious complications can happen. It's always best to have ulcers treated quickly and properly and best yet, you can simply order AbPrazole online from Abler and have it delivered to your door!