At Abler we receive many questions from the horse community about common horse diseases such as equine ulcers. The horse diagnosis can start at the barn with a simple change in diet and routine, along with Ablers range of affordable equine horse medication. 

We have put together the most common horse community questions along with the answers.

Carlijn Voortmans - Asked Abler

Image result for QMy horse has stomach ulcers. I was thinking of buying the Abprazole granules. Then I also saw your product Absucralfate.
Is it best to use both together? How does it work? When do I give this to my horse?

Image result for A AbSucralfate & Omeprazole can be used inconjunction to treat equine gastric ulcers - learn more here

Chantal Rowlands · UK - Asked Abler

Image result for QHi, so I'm treating my mare at the moment with AbPrazole. If I'm suspecting hind gut issues.Do I need to use Absucralfate as well ?
Image result for AAbler recommends Omeprazole treats only gastric ulcers - AbSucralfate and a probiotic will effectively treat hindgut ulcers in horses

Jenny Riley - USA - Asked Abler

Image result for QMy mare needs 3 sachets per I give them all at once or 3 times a day?"
Abler Recommends: Infrograph2 (2)
Read more information here on horse ulcers

Madison - USA - Asked Abler

Image result for Q:Madison - USA - Asked Abler
Wondering how easy to use the big syringes are. Anyone with experience? I dont want to end up wasting it because I cant squeeze the tube or the paste is to oily and my horse spits it out.
Image result for A Abler Recommends  AbGard Stable pack Multi dose syringe indicates each dose in units. Offering perfectly measured doses each time.

Beth - USA - Asked Abler

Image result for Q Does AbPrazole™ Tablets need to be given on an empty stomach or can it be given with grain? This assumes he will eat the tablet with the grain.
Image result for A Abler Recommends: Best administered on empty stromach but as we know horses prefer 24/7 access to feed. Horses can be picky and wont eat grain.

Debbie Stockwell - UK - Asked Abler

Image result for QMy horse is not keeping condition, and after 14days of gastric ulcer treatment he's showing no signs of improvement. Could he have Hindgut Ulcers?
Image result for A Abler recommends: Hindgut ulcers are difficult to diagnois - treatment is successful with AbSucralfate

Janine Hess - USA - Asked Abler

Image result for Q: I know this product's active ingredient is Omeprazole, 700 mg, but is only 1 sachet per day enough for a 16-hand, 1200 pound equine?
Image result for AAbler recommends: Free online Dosage Calculator for the perfect dose of equine medication

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