Why Generic Omeprazole vs Branded versions

Generic Omeprazole was not something I had considered. However a few years back, I had been through the great expense of treating a horse (branded omeprazole paste) for suspected gastric ulcers. Under the advice of a vet, I “diagnosed by treating.” And, within just a few days I had seen a marked improvement. More recently, a new horse had begun to exhibit similar symptoms to those of the other horse ie a mild  chronic colic that seemed to be exacerbated by travel and spending time away from home. He is an event horse and usually by the second evening or third morning of competition he would start to act depressed, and the behavior continued through the first few days back home.


I began treatment with a branded omeprazole paste and saw improvement within about 48 hours. In fact, after continuing a few more days’ treatment, he seemed to recover “beyond” what had become his new “normal.” I’d forgotten what a happy and content horse he’d been before, as initially his ulcers most likely developed slowly and gradually. So, satisfied that his condition and behavior were due to ulcers, I was faced with the thought of that huge expense again to do the full treatment regime (a full syringe of omeprazole paste every day for eight weeks).

Cost a major decision

Purely by chance, an on-call vet from a close-by clinic came to my farm to treat a friend’s horse that had just shipped into my farm to school and had injured itself getting off the trailer. I chatted a bit with the vet as she stitched the horse’s face up and the conversation turned to ulcers. She suggested I look into an overseas compounding pharmacy to find a better deal and also said she’d found some horses did well on a regime of a treatment dose each day for five consecutive days once per month. I took her advice on both counts. I found Abler quickly on my Internet search. The price was right about ¼ the price of the brand name omeprazole, and there were many positive online reviews not just on the Abler site, but on several other equestrian sites and chat groups.

Silence the skeptics

As far as trusting the quality control of a compounded generic brand, I was skeptical. And, honestly, I don’t think I would have been so quick to go that route with an unknown generic medication. But I weighed these factors and decided just as I’d taken the “diagnosis by treating” approach, which I would go the “evaluation by treating” as well. I’m pleased to report that for this horse both the medication and the administration regime have worked great and I believe Abler's   Generic Omeprazole to be just as effective as the brand name paste.