Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) affects more than 80% of performance horses. The only best known treatment for eliminating ulcers is Omeprazole, together with probiotics and lifestyle changes.

Facts about Equine Digestive System

A horse's natural state is:

  • low energy
  • stress free
  • free range grazing on pasture, allowing the digestive system to stay in balance.However, this natural state of a horse's digestive system is easily upset. Factors that can contribute include:
  • Rapid dietary changes - either changing from pasture to concentrated feed.
  • Stress related activities such as transport, rigorous training and injury
  • Antibiotic treatment

Help Restore the GUT

A probiotic helps restore natural intestinal flora, leading to more rapid recovery and better nutrient absorption. AbActive is a pharmaceutical grade probiotic.

Compostion of AbPrazole Plus™

To get the benefits of Omeprazole and a Probiotic  as enteric coated granules for treatment and prevention of equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS). Abler has created AbPrazole Plus in a 2 in 1 combination.