Without a good worming program, your horse can become a welcoming host for many parasites

Most horse owners understand the importance of observing a regular equine worming program. Giving your horses dewormers is very important for their overall health. . When you do not deworm your horse, it allows these parasites to rob nutrients, energy and even blood.  Over time, it could develop symptoms such as diarrhea, rapid weight loss, and colic, which could be a life-threatening condition.

Your horse must be given a proper horse worming program. Usually, horse owners would give deworming agents to combat equine parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, and bots. Effectiveness of worming horses may be influenced by several factors such as the age of horse, the kind of parasites present in horses, the stage that the parasite is in, as well as the efficacy of certain medications at a certain dose on a certain type of parasites. Some parasites can be more resistant to some horse dewormers while others are simply susceptible to some specific formulation. Control Equine Parasites today with AblerQuant.