Beverly Allen of Polk Ohio USA expresses how happy she is with the results she had with Abprazole  and ecstatic about the price

I purchased Al Capone KCH, a 10 year old haflinger gelding in the fall of 2012. I knew he had gastric issues and would need treatment. I started him on the expensive omeprazole and within 2 months he was feeling better. As soon as we finished his treatment, all the symptoms returned, and I knew I would have to find a less expensive omeprazole to keep Al on long term. After searching the internet, I came across a website where people were raving about Abprazole. They said how well Abprazole had worked for their horses and how affordable it was. I decided it was worth a try since the expensive omeprazole wasn't a long term option for Al Capone or me, and I couldn't bear to see him return to the miserable horse he was when not on omeprazole. I ordered the Abprazole omeprazole granules. Al seems to be doing better on them than he did on the expensive omeprazole. I just mix them in his feed and he eats them right up. I have ordered more and am so happy to have found a way to help Al without going broke! For the first time since purchasing Al I am able to seriously begin his training as a dressage mount. He is happy and relaxed, willing to do whatever I ask of him. The spookiness has disappeared and I am so thrilled we have been able to "save" Al! Thanks Abler for a great product at an affordable price. You are saving horses that would otherwise be cast aside!