The equine industry is becoming more knowledgeable when it comes to horse ulcers. Such expanding knowledge is great news because this means that horses can be relieved from debilitating ulcers which they may have suffered for long periods. Since ulcers in horses is nothing new, many owners would want to know how to prevent the condition from occurring especially in certain situations as horses undergoing a course of  antibiotic therapy.

Usually, horse owners seek answers on how to prevent ulcers in horses that are treated with antibiotics. The answer can usually be quite simple – and doesn’t require a lot of research.


Abprazole Plus


Preventing Ulcers in horses on Antibiotics

Sometimes, the use of antibiotics may be necessary especially for serious injuries and no matter how much you attempt to avoid them, there will be a time medications must be used. As everyone knows, antibiotics will kill the bacteria in wounds to prevent further infection and sometimes, even the beneficial bacteria that reside in your horse’s stomach will be killed. The beneficial microorganisms are essential for proper food digestion and also act as defense mechanism against foreign substances that cause illness. Treatment of antibiotics can affect your horse’s health in certain ways and can impair the function of digestion which will ultimately lead to ulcers.

Probiotics can benefit your horses when they suffer from ulcers. Probiotics are live microorganisms, which will be introduced to the horse’s gut to raise its number. What’s great about probiotics is that it can be incorporated together with the ulcer treatment, omeprazole. Omeprazole comes with probiotics in a product called AbPrazole Plus for an effective treatment of gastric ulcers in horses.  If your horse is suffering from those dreaded ulcers, you not only need to heal the lesions but also provide a support through increasing the population of beneficial bacteria and that is what’s great about AbPrazole Plus.

Keeping your horse happy and healthy is one of your responsibilities as a horse owner. You need to make sure that your horse gets exactly what it needs to be in top shape. AbPrazole Plus is a product that can give you several benefits including healing of digestive ulcers and improvement of the immune function.

Antibiotics, at some point, are required but they tend to result in the formation of ulcers. If your horse is on a short-course of antibiotic treatment, you can do help to prevent ulcers from forming. Use AbPrazole Plus to treat ulcers and promote a healthy digestive tract for your horse.