It’s not unusual for a horse owner to say that their horse has ulcers. Considered as one of the most common disorders in the horse industry, digestive ulcers in horses or Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) can be expensive to treat and very time-consuming that a lot of these horse owners are trying to look for ways on how to prevent the condition from occurring in the first place. Experts say that dietary management can contribute to gradual decrease of the prevalence of such a condition.


Abprazole Plus


Digestive ulcers can be present in both glandular and nonglandular parts of the stomach and most commonly found in the margo plicatus (a region separating nonglandular and glandular areas of the gut). The glandular part contains many protective factors that help defend the stomach from the effects of pepsin and acid, substances essential for food digestion. On the other hand, the glandular part only contains few protective factors and for this reason, it is the part most susceptible to injuries brought about by gastric acid.

Various risks factors for EGUS have been identified by experts and these include stress, food deprivation, vigorous training exercises, transportation, stall confinement, and diets consisting of starchy feeds. Ulcers have a debilitating effect on the performance of a horse which is why it is important to have treated immediately. Horse ulcers should not only be treated but also prevented from recurring. Currently, the only medication approved for the treatment of horse ulcers is Omeprazole.

Ulcers are considered lesions which mean that a wound has been formed along the stomach lining. It’s essential to note that the management of such a condition would not only involve treating the ulcer itself and preventing it from recurring but also allowing the horse to heal faster. When you need your horse to stay in training and good condition while under horse ulcer treatment, you can trust one product which is AbPrazole Plus. AbPrazole Plus is an effective formulation that contains Omeprazole that helps in treating ulcers, and probiotics which aid for faster healing of the ulcers. Probiotics are good microorganisms needed by the horse to ensure a completely healthy digestive system all throughout the therapy.

If you want your horse to stay healthy and happy and have the ability to resume training, choose the formulation loved by horses and trusted by many horse owners. Choose AbPrazole Plus for effective treatment of horse ulcers and is also convenient administer.