The word ulcer can refer to lesions found on the stomach lining, particularly along the non-glandular area in the stomach. Digestive ulcers in horses are common conditions which are non-selective of age and breed of horse. Studies reveal that such condition is prevalent in both thoroughbred and standard-bred horses in the equine industry. Clinical signs of horse ulcers may not be easily perceptible but if you are observant enough, you can easily notice the changes in how your horse performs.

Horses that are bred to show are even more prone to such a condition because they face stressful situations from vigorous training programs. On top of that, they are fed with high concentrate feed. Normally, the stomach of the horse is always full because by nature, they graze for about 17-20 hours each day. The horse normally produce gastric acid and this process goes on, and if a horse doesn’t eat frequently, this could mean high acid buildup in the stomach ultimately leading to ulcer formation.


Prevention of Digestive Ulcers and Treatment with AbPrazole Plus

Digestive ulcers in horses are treated with Omeprazole. It works by inhibiting acid production to control the level of acid inside the stomach. AbPrazole Plus is an enteric coated Omeprazole perfect for treating these ulcers.  What’s great about this product is that it comes with a probiotics formulation.


Abprazole Plus


How Important are Probiotics?

Probiotics have become a significant addition to horse nutrition. It promotes growth of beneficial bacteria that allow proper function of the gut. In the case of horses with ulcers, probiotics come into play by speeding up the healing of the ulcers. This way, your horse can better perform and stay in  training program even if it is still treated with ulcer medications.


With AbPrazole Plus, Dosing Has Never Been Made Easy

With Omeprazole granules that are easy to administer, you won’t really have trouble incorporating the medication to the horse feed. AbPrazole Plus does not have an after-taste which might discourage your horse accepting.  It even comes in an economically-packed single sachet so you can save more.

AbPrazole Plus is truly an amazing formulation by Abler. It puts together horse ulcer treatment and probiotics so your horses can become healthier. Omeprazole is safe to use since no adverse effects have been associated with usage of the medication. Invest only in medications that are proven to be effective. Choose AbPrazole Now.