When dealing with digestive ulcers in horses, the horse industry relies on omeprazole as treatment for such condition. Omeprazole helps decrease the acid in the stomach consequently preventing the formation of ulcers brought about by too much gastric acid. When ulcers in horses develop, the animal could be suffering silently. He may lose his appetite and the more your horse skip meals, the worse the condition could get.

When equine omeprazole is administered with equine probiotics, you get one formulation designed to treat ulcers and heal them rapidly. Thus omeprazole treats the ulcers whilst the probiotics restore the optimum intestinal flora usually depleted from the stress of ulcers. This way, your horse can resume training as soon as possible. Abprazole Plus is an equine medication which contains both of the ingredients necessary to manage ulcers in horses.


Abprazole Plus


Why Choose AbPrazole Plus in the First Place?

AbPrazole Plus contains the same active ingredient as its regular counterpart, AbPrazole, only enhanced with probiotics that help heal ulcers more quickly. To better appreciate the product, there is a need to understand how each ingredient works.

AbPrazole contains Omeprazole as its active ingredient which works by suppressing the acid pumps in the stomach thereby reducing acid secretion. It is used to treat and prevent ulcers from getting worse or from recurring. Abprazole is enteric-coated which means that the drug can be protected and remain intact as it travels through the horse’s stomach which has an acidic environment.

On the other hand, equine probiotics are generally used to restore the balance of intestinal flora. The horse’s gut is a dwelling place for both beneficial and harmful microorganisms. When horses are stressed, the beneficial species are disturbed and their population will be affected, leaving the harmful species to take over. When this happens, digestive problems result. The horse could also develop a weak immune system in the process. This is why probiotics are essential to restore the population of the beneficial microorganisms.

AbPrazole Plus in granules combines both omeprazole and probiotics – both as enteric coated granules. This makes dosing rather convenient since you only need to mix the medication with the horse’s feed. With AbPrazole Plus, you are treating your horse’s digestive ulcers and improving his health. Training can often be continued whilst horses are treated with such product because probiotics facilitate faster healing of ulcers.

Your horse does not have to miss training. AbPrazole Plus is here. With proper feeding and management practices, you can ensure a healthy life for your horse.