AbGard Omeprazole paste helped rescue my amazing horse – Success Story


The Rescued Gelding

I had rescued an 18.1hh gelding in 2009, as he was suffering from extreme malnutrition – his body was shutting down; even his eyes were shrunken. In the first few weeks that followed, I found myself thinking that he had just gone too far and I would loose him any way… it was scary. He was extremely depressed, couldn’t finish a scoop of grain without falling asleep with his head in the feed bowl, but this very slowly improved…

Slow Recovery

With daily turn out and a steady increase of his feed, he very slowly began to put on some body weight. His recovery took much longer than I thought it would, but eventually he had decent condition on his body. At the time, I did not think to have him checked for stomach ulcers, however, I am convinced that if he been treated for stomach ulcers from day One, he would have made a much quicker recovery.

The Diagnosis

He has since been diagnosed with ulcers, following several weeks of anti-inflammatory medication after a lameness last year and of course,
received treatment for gastric ulcers. He was always a horse who was difficult to ride – being very tough in the contact and stiff in the neck and lethargic.

After Treatment

Well, after treatment for gastric ulcers, he made a massive improvement. He became light in the contact, relaxed in the neck and full of energy. However, the brand that was available in Ireland was simply too expensive for me to continue with and that’s when I found the ABLER brand, who offer a product to treat ulcers that works – and I know it works because I can see a difference in my horse; he is a happy camper when his tummy is pain free. Thank you, ABLER!

Andrea O' Brien - Carnisle, Kildalkey Co. Meath, Ireland